Long Lasting LED Performance

UV Ray MaxLED lamps deliver significant energy savings and environmental benefits. They can adapt to a range of UV applications and industries thanks to their robust, compact, and lightweight technology, modular configuration, and power managed with the utmost accuracy and high efficiency.

The extrusion is designed to offer the best cooling circuit for the LED chip on board (COB) module while maintaining the compact outer design. The IR filter and quick self restrained water plug fittings are standard.

Pinning version

Available as a pre-gel application where the unit is extremely small with low power output. As a modular unit, it’s available as fan-less, air-cooled, active air-cooled, and water-cooled for a longer application and available in the length you need up to 8W/cm power, in 275nm, 365nm and 395nm wavelengths.


Printing (flexo, digital, offset)
Glue hardening
Low migration (food, pharmaceutical, medical)

MaxLED benefits include:
  • More than 70% of the output after 20.000 working hours
  • Cooling efficiency and flexibility: water for long-term high performance and stable operation or air for low cost in low power applications 
  • One of the longest LED modules available on the market
  • 25W/cm with high electrical efficiency
  • Tilting technology for fast cleaning and easy access to the light window
  • Hybrid option: fully extractable cassette technology for the LED
  • Retrofits available for any kind of press
  • No spare parts necessary
  • No ozone and mercury-free
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate in all conditions
  • No pencil effect, no imperfections especially in screen printing
  • Instant ON/OFF cycle
  • Internet remote service with encrypted communication
  • Exclusive technology, made in Italy
Power Supplies

UV Ray’s new PowerMaxx suite of power supplies, engineered in-house and based on 20+ years UV/LED curing experience, offers printers the highest energy efficiency and environmental compatibility in a sleek, compact design to power all UV Ray reflectors and LED lamps.