PowerMaxx Hybrid

UV/LED + fan drive

The PowerMaxx Hybrid is our complete high efficiency, turnkey standalone unit that includes everything you need to run applications with UV and /or LED (with programmable I/O to fit any machine requirement).

It is available as a hybrid (UV + LED) configuration including the drive for the cooling fan OR as a single unit with up to three LED lamps.

Flexible integration through the native programmable I/O doesn’t require any extra card to be interfaced, and it can connect to any kind of machine with the most common protocols. The versatile and extremely useful Bluetooth connection connects the system remotely anywhere through to our service department.

The high frequency switching for UV results in higher output, more stable operation, no acoustic resonance, perfect start-up in any condition, longer lifetime, and reduced blackening of the lamp over its lifetime.

Standard features:
  • Compact design
  • 400VAC to 480VAC: 3-Phases 50/60Hz
  • 10kW and 25kW – up to three LED lamps 6kW / each
  • Internal +24VDC wit battery backup for safe turning OFF operation (up to 10s guaranteed uptime)
  • Phase monitor
  • High frequency switching for perfect lamp ignition and operation
  • Suitable with no acoustic resonance with standard mercury and any doped lamp without changing configuration
  • Up to 5kW integrated drive for direct and independent cooling control
  • Communication through integrated CANOpen protocol
  • Range of physical I/O for any connection requirements:
    • Standard I/O
    • Optoisolated I/O
    • Isolated Analog I/O
    • Isolated PWM I/O
    • Contactor Interlock
  • Extra RS232/485 for any serial accessory control / interface
  • Bluetooth remote control through dedicated app for real-time operation and or remote service
  • Ground fault
  • Short circuit (output)
  • Low THDi
  • Extra 240W +24VDC for high power output requirement with integrated monitor (without backup)
  • UV SenseTouch 10” touch screen control panel (see below)
UV SenseTouch:

With the ability to control multiple PowerMaxx power supplies in any configuration, this 10” touchscreen unit provides a clear and modern user interface and native integration with:

  • CANOpen interface
  • ProfiNET interface
  • LAN
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB

With its fanless design, the UV SenseTouch screen is compatible with any application.

Please contact us for more product specifications.