UV Reflectors

For over 20 years, UV Ray has perfected is range of UV reflectors with a true dichroic mirror solution with borosilicate glass, available with multiple coating options for a range of applications, as the heart of its systems.

With arc lengths available from 60mm to 2 meters, UV Ray’s range of reflectors are housed in completely removable cassettes for easy access for maintenance and replacement, for the lamps as well.

As a completely removeable cassette, the reflector can be inserted as a plugin where you insert and push for 150 / 200mm instead of sliding it in the entire length of the cassette. This minimizes space on the machine where the cassette is inserted but maintains easy access for service.

All cassettes provide a specific airflow to keep the lamp and UV case temperature as low as possible during full power operation. Changing lamps is easy and fast (below 120s) with access from the front.

Create your own reflector

Our reflectors can be designed to meet your exact requirements. Several coating options on the reflectors are available to achieve best-in-class performance with a specific reflection of the needed wavelength, especially with doped lamps.

Up to 550mm can be equipped with flattening or focusing lens options. A flattening lens defocuses the light emitted from the UV, reducing the temperature output to the web. A focusing lens provides deeper penetration by focusing the rays in a specific point to reach a higher distance.

Strong and ultra reliable pneumatic actuators and electrovalves ensure long-life applications. The rotating shutter mechanism allows faster and more reliable operation especially during frequent open and close cycles without affecting the unit’s endurance.

General features

  • Robust construction entirely made of extruded aluminum
  • Highest energy efficiency and environmental compatibility with extremely low working temperatures and operating costs
  • Pneumatic shutter
  • Fully extractable cassette technology for fast and easy maintenance or lamp replacement (less than 120s)
  • Infrared filter optional on every unit
  • Ready for the patented ML Lens
  • Simple and easy part replacement (including dichroic mirrors) without disassembling the entire cassette
  • Very low delta temperature on the web / piece to cure
  • Unique lamp design for one side toolless change
  • Available with closed loop air circulation or air/water cooled
  • Can be equipped with MaxLED for hybrid installations
  • All components are built for life

For industrial and wider applications, Maxwell and Magnum can be equipped with forced air cooling. Instead of just one fan the system will be equipped with two fans: one will inject fresh air (from the environment or air treatment unit) and another fan will extract the air. The dual fan system will increase cooling efficiency by generating a positive pressure inside the reflector and reducing the load loss.

This is specifically beneficial in:

  • Nitrogen applications, where the glass is sealed to reduce the amount of air picked up from the nitrogen chamber
  • Wide lamp body: the overpressure will ensure a correct air amount inside the cassette for perfect thermal management
  • Inside the UV booth in 3D coating: this will ensure there are no pressure changes inside the booth, reduced inner contaminations because of less air used inside the booth, and overall improved booth / UV thermal management