Industrial Coating

UV Ray has installed a range of excimer UV coating and surface hardening applications. Features include an extremely homogeneous output across the length of the lamp with no blank or reduced spot areas, and exceptional lamp cooling as the reflector design keeps the lamp temperature under control.

Also available with UV Ray excimer reflectors is our nitrogen generator solution to provide constant and high-purity nitrogen gas to flush the excimer chamber for an ultra matt effect. The nitrogen chamber ensures low residual oxygen passes into the reflector without dispersed nitrogen resulting in a much lower operation cost. This also ensures nitrogen homogeneity with wide web applications.

The excimer coating process can also include UV Ray’s Magnum arc reflector and MaxLED lamp for pretreating/pre-gelling, ultra matt and surface hardening, and final curing.


Furniture edging, typically ABS
Flat and chill drum mounting design available

Excimer benefits include:
  • Multi-coated borosilicate glass with a special treatment exclusively for this very narrow band wavelength
  • Robust construction entirely made of extruded aluminum
  • High performance, extremely low working temperatures
  • Available up to 2300mm
  • Best-in-class matt coating and gloss finishing process are achieved while dramatically reducing nitrogen consumption
  • Excimer + arc reflectors + LED combination for pretreating, ultra matt and surface hardening, then final curing
  • Pneumatic shutter
  • Mercury free
  • Flexible design capability for custom lamp development
  • Low nitrogen consumption thanks to exclusive UV Ray design
  • Fully extractable cassette technology for fast and easy lamp cleaning, maintenance, or component replacement
  • Complete automated process: nitrogen purging is handled automatically from the UV without any manual intervention; it ends after the cool down process is terminated, reducing wasted nitrogen during jog run
  • Ready to be used when you need it, resulting in minimum wasted web in between starts and stops
  • Internet remote service with encrypted communication
  • Exclusive technology, made in Italy
Available as a fully hybrid solution with