UV Ray LED lamps can adapt to a range of UV applications and industries thanks to their robust, compact, and lightweight technology, modular configuration, and power managed with the utmost accuracy and high efficiency.

The extrusion is designed to offer the best cooling circuit for the LED chip on board (COB) module while maintaining the compact outer design. The IR filter and quick self restrained water plug fittings are standard.

  • Significant energy savings and environmental benefits: Energy savings up to 70% and the lamps are turned off during downtime. LED lamps do not produce ozone.
  • Exclusive technology: Available in the industry standard 23W/cm, our LED systems also feature exclusive technology of a sealed COB with a quartz glass in front of the LED installed directly in the white chamber during factory assembly, making it impossible to contaminate the chip.
  • Cooling efficiency: A ceramic substrate ensures more than 100x cooling efficiency than a common copper or aluminum + copper bonding.
  • Longest LED module: With a high emission COB, 18x56mm windows, and modularity, our LED systems can be used up to 1.680mm in a single row making it one of the longest LED modules available on the market.
  • Hybrid option: With another type of extrusion, we offer the same LED technology as a hybrid operation making the UV cassette swappable between conventional UV and LED, available in any three wavelengths: 275nm, 365nm, or 395nm.
  • Cooling flexibility: The LED’s COB can be installed in any way to fit your needs: water cooled for maximum performance, low output air cooled module for a higher dose, and low peak for specialty applications. It can even be installed in handheld modules where some hand finishing is needed on the coating.
  • Pinning version: Also available is a pinning version of the LED: a pre-gel application where the unit is extremely small with low power output. As a modular unit, it’s available as fan-less, air-cooled, active air-cooled, and water-cooled for a longer application and available in the length you need up to 8W/cm power, in 275nm, 365nm and 395nm wavelengths.
  • Retrofits: Improve your efficiency and reduce cost by bringing your existing machines up-to-date with UV Ray LED retrofits.
  • No spare parts
  • Printing
  • Prepress
  • Glue hardening
  • Coating
  • Industrial painting
  • Low migration (food, pharmaceutical, medical)
  • Mercury-free