PowerMaxx Pure

Ibrido o LED senza controllo del loop

PowerMaxx Pure è un alimentatore ad alta efficienza senza I/O esterno progettato specificatamente per OEM e integratori UV dove non è necessario alcun I/O esterno con il 100% di comunicazione tramite un bus affidabile. È compatibile, senza risonanza acustica, con il mercurio standard e con qualsiasi lampada drogata senza modificare la configurazione.

Disponibile in configurazione ibrida (UV + LED) o LED (fino a tre lampade LED in una singola unità).

Standard features:
  • Compact design
  • 400VAC to 480VAC – 3phases 50/60Hz
  • UV: 10kW and 25kW; LED: up to three LED lamps, 6kW / each
  • High frequency switching for perfect lamp ignition and operation
  • Communication through integrated CANOpen protocol
  • External +24VDC for logic power supply
  • Ground fault
  • Short circuit (output)
  • Low THDi
  • Internal +24VDC with battery backup for safely switching OFF operation (up to 10s guarantee uptime)
  • Phase monitor
  • 120W +24VDC output to drive cooling fans
  • UV SenseTouch 10” touch screen control panel (see below)
UV SenseTouch:

With the ability to control multiple PowerMaxx power supplies in any configuration, this 10” touchscreen unit provides a clear and modern user interface and native integration with:

  • CANOpen interface
  • ProfiNET interface
  • LAN
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB

With its fanless design, the UV SenseTouch screen is compatible with any application.

Please contact us for more product specifications.