Water cooled

UV Ray uses this technology for large, high-performance presses:

unmatched efficiency, strength and reliability, highest quality and productivity, along with big savings in terms of consumption and management.

The main features include:

  • Extremely low cost of the water cooling system.
  • Same small size as that of the air-cooled version: the smallest water-cooled reflector in the segment on the market.
  • High efficiency cooling equal to 1/3 of the electric power of the reflector.
  • Integrated cooling circuit and quick-coupling high-capacity connections with total retention.
  • Specific integrated flow switch developed by UV Ray.
  • Low pressure cooling achieved without moving parts.
  • The use of standard components in the circuit, tubes and connections, which facilitates installation and cuts costs.
  • In configurations with air conditioning, it eliminates having to release the ambient air, dramatically reducing the energy consumption due to the ongoing work of the air conditioning systems. It also improves the quality of the work, while avoiding the problem of residual dust on the mould.
  • Reduced temperature of the lamp.
  • Reduced cooling demand: only a third of installed capacity.
  • Robust construction, reliable, accurate and made completely of aluminium.