The new internal diffuser

UV Ray offers a new patented solution, at the moment adopted by Maxwell and Atom reflector, that will make the applications considerably more efficients, versatile and even more modest in terms of resources. It is the new internal diffuser, designed and realized exclusively in the company. This diffuser, pratically, allows the absolutely uniform distribution of UV rays. Temperatures are constant in all around the path under the arc light, delating concentration’s differences of UV rays, tipically of traditional systems and related issues. Results are absolutely exceptional and establish new valuetion terms and a feedback in polymerisation’s systems. Here, a list of some immediately advantages of first applications equipped with the new water cooled base too:

  • it is possible the flexo printing of any material even without cooled chill roll (after a technical check);
  • a significant increase of general performances: speed, low temperatures, uniformity, quality;
  • a drastic lowing of temperatures on the support, still less stressed, but also less demand to cooling systems;
  • the possibility to print on intermittent machines (offset and tipographics) of any plastic support;
  • for any application UV Ray, is available as retrofit on all UV systems already realized.

In summary, the soon advantages realized are a greater productivity, a better quality, a significant saving of resources and especially new works opportunities thanks to the great versatility and adaptability that give life back to unused and underused machines.