The lens that truly corrects

UV Ray developed a lens that, unlike the competition, effectively resolves those most delicate and difficult production aspects in the various sectors that use UV polymerisation systems.
Covered by a patent, the ML® lens operates where light converges on the media.
In fact, the concentration generates heat and the ML system arranges for the rays to be evenly distributed, thus reducing the temperatures.
In particular, this system:

  • drastically reduces the temperature;
  • permanently eliminates the chronic pencil effect;
  • resolves re-working problems on intermittent machines;
  • eliminates problems due to the temperature transmitted on the die-punch on the flexo machines in line;
  • eliminates problems of temperature being transmitted onto the printing cylinders of any type of machine;
  • eliminates the colour change due to the temperature during the course of the day, for constant quality;
  • the ML system can be applied to all UV Ray reflectors, of new or old generation.

The efficiency of this lens truly improves polymerisation efficiency and quality, permanently resolving critical aspects of the production process and of application management; this make possible to expand one’s type of jobs, in addition to reducing consumption and increasing productivity.