Plate ready to go

UV Ray has realized a revolutionary installation dedicated to the photopolymer plate reducing the job duration.
This new way of job, thanks to the brand new approach to the problem, speed up the working flow obtaining astounding results in terms of performance.

How it looks
Just an aluminum lightweight frame where in the center you’ll find the iPower D and the blower. Above, the working space of mt. 5 x 1.4, where the plate will pass under the UV reflector.
Startup it’s easy and the machine is totally customizable.
Small size with a weight of only 150 Kg, is the beginning of the difference.

Only one lamp
One reflector, one lamp: the main difference between the competitor’s 60/70 bulbs installed as usual.
The main advantages to have only one lamp are countless: uniformity, impossible to obtain with tens of bulb; easy to control with the iPower D’s continuous monitor with clear information shown to the customer through its control panel, better than the classic ON/OFF.; Moreover the electronics is based on the iPower D best in class electronic power supply, where thousands of that are selling every year in others market. Last but least, spare parts are reduced to only component only and not to hundreds of lamps to handle.

iPower D: customer’s magic wand
iPower D, the one and only full digital electronic power supply in the world, is at the heart of this application: full stepless, instant start, on screen real specific power.
It makes possible the impossible increasing the lifetime of the bulb with the lowest power consumption with its high efficiency, no hidden cost for the customer.

How it works
Plate is ready in 120 seconds with just one passage; it’s important to highlight that’s no more need the lamination process where before it was fundamental.
Once the plate is incised, it’s posed on the belt where it pass under the reflector at the speed of 6 mt/min: that’s all.