Lamps or UV LEDs a matter of philosophy

It is clear that the choice of UV drying technology is all about production needs and possible energy savings, but there are companies, particularly in the field of labels, for which the choice depends on the customer, and it is the company philosophy that orients towards traditional, LED or hybrid. As Aldo Franco, director of Eurolabel, teaches us.

The retrofit solution

We return to Eurolabel, in the new plant in Lainate, attracted by a new retrofit solution applied to two Ab Graphic digicom series 2 and series 3 finishing semi-rotary presses, with the insertion of UV LED modules from UV RAY. Aldo Franco guides us and explains the why of the choice, but above all, the how. The modules that we see installed as retrofits replace the original lamps, but are not therefore definitively abandoned. As Aldo Franco explains to us, in some sectors, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, before making any changes to their systems - changing the support, inks and paints, etc. – the customer must be informed, who only after careful tests and checks approves the changes. «For this reason – he states – in certain cases we must have both LED drying modules and modules with traditional lamps available.»