Curing at the light speed

On the specific request of one of the European market leader in optical fiber production, UV Ray has engineered and produced a purpose-built curing system.
The results has overhauled the forecast so far, the customer has decided to renew all the line with UV Ray.
This proves the top level reached from UV Ray with its purpose-built products on the international market, than the competitors solution that may not achieve properly the results in the real world but only on the paper.
This product demonstrates once again the ability of UV Ray to answer to the most complex and different demand outside the printing sector. Ideas, experience, R&D and huge know-how on UV curing equipment, put UV Ray on the top of supplier to be contacted in case of UV.

Performance and data
IFollowing the comparison between UV Ray and the previous system installed.
Production speed is raised up to 800 mt/min with a specific power of 120 W/cm than the previous installation 2x240 W/cm.
Moreover the astonishing energy savings, lamp has increased its lifetime together the quartz parts inside.
Changing the lamps, now, is no more a problem and doesn’t need any kind of setup, than the replacing itself, as usual in the UV Ray reflector, thanks to iPower D.
Spare parts cost falls down up to 50% than before, in contrast with the increased realiability of the system.
Energy and air consumption of the blower are down to an astounding 20% than the original equipment:
the most important voice over that is the environment emptying reduced of 25% thanks to the accurated regulation of the air volume, propotional to the power used, and the low working temperature of all the system.
Less air running outside the factory, means less cost of for the air-conditioner, less noise, less dust and more comfort for the employees.