Aluminum printing: faster and faster, more and more quality

New results come from aluminum printing sector, where the UV Ray system’s upgrade bring important improvements significant performaces increases.
Among all:

  • an increase of medium working speed, now certified over 130 mt/min., with peaks up until 200 mt/min. The results are exceptional if compared with the competitors medium, that is around 60/70 mt/min, so a difference of +200%.
  • adherence is simply perfect, exceptional and not take for granted because constant and reliable in every condition.
  • low temperature issued on aluminum coil, at levels never realized by competitors, aspect that contributes to big economy, tipical of UV Ray systems.
  • the possibility of speed and performance even better with the inert printing. With this system it can be reached production speed incredibly high, the only in the market, e performance ancora migliori con la stampa inerte. Con questo sistema si raggiungono velocità di produzione incredibilmente elevate, assolutamente uniche sul mercato, making it exceptionally convenient for large volumes.
  • it cancels the smell of UV ink and increases the polymerisation and the speed with the inert printing.

Results are exceptional in this sector too, both for the number in productive and economic-safe terms, both for the management of productive plant: a garantee and costant quality, a reliability very high in this conditions and performances too, a very great resources and energy safe, so increased competitiveness and investment.