Superdrive, new frequency converter with true CosΦ = 1

Innovation and excellence in any product, reflected in the UV Ray’s philosophy, comes true with the frequency converter Superdrive.

Superdrive is the only one, in its class, to get true Cosφ = 1; advantage and performance is set to another level, again.
Here the comparison made with a traditional frequency converter, here the Lenze 8200smd or another equal from competitor (single or three phases):

  • OS controlled: a real time operating system is its heart ; this, in according with the UV Ray proprietary bus (UVRBus), allow it to be directly connected with the iPower D. The biggest advantages for the customer is that Superdrive could be handled remotely for servicing too: the only one in the UV curing system worldwide panorama;
  • True 65 Hz motor’s rpm for every blower’s size;
  • True motor’s rpm regulation starting from 10 Hz for every blower’s size;
  • +5 % true motor’s rpm regulation;
  • -45 % motor’s current at the maximum rpm (65 Hz);
  • -14 % main’s current absorbed at the maximum rpm (65 Hz);
  • +/-10 % main tension tolerance without any output loss on the motor side;
  • Noiseless: because of the high frequency of the switching (5 kHz than the traditional 150 Hz);
  • Less working temperature for the motor: a blower with installed a 0.55 kW motor, working service S1, temperature class F, running @ 65 Hz , with an ambient temperature of 25 °C, runs with a temperature <=50 °C than the >=75 °C of the competitor;
  • Cosφ = 1: no hidden cost for Customer, no unbalanced phases, no problems for other equipment in factory for phases distortion;
  • Negligible THDi (speaking of an absorbed current less than 2 A);
  • Already EMC filtered: no additional filter needing.

Superdrive is available for all the iPower D’s mains tensions (200 V – 230 V 1Ph/3Ph; 400 V – 440 V – 480 V 3Ph).
Superdrive will works as a spare parts for the previous iPower D model without any issues, configuration or recabling of existent units needing on the Customer site; it will be invisible for the rest of the system.