Laser die cutter with UV varnisher for labels

09 February 2023

[Original article from MetaPrintArt translated in to English]

Its name is Taurus, manufactured by D.P.R. to offer digital die-cutting solutions for customized needs quickly and with high performance in speed and quality—of even complex cutting. In addition, it can be equipped with UV flexo coater in line, developed in cooperation with UV RAY.

We visit D.P.R. SrL in Barlassina after being told we would find an interesting new development for self-adhesive label printers. It is a 'smart', simple, inexpensive laser die-cutter that, while working off-line, is connected to the production machines and the entire company management, thanks to a 'simple' 'Industry 4.0' electronic board designed by owner Enrico Panzeri. All working parameters, stored for shooting, are set on the 10" touch screen.

In a single step, this label finishing system, which has a maximum linear speed of 30 m/min (defined by power, complexity of templates, and material used) that unwinds, cold foils (or alternatively, as we see below, with a UV flexo module), die-cuts, removes waste, cuts longitudinally, and rewinds the completed labels into rolls.

An end-to-end machine meeting the needs of a label maker or print shop, because it reduces stock costs, provides both small but especially medium and large runs "on-demand" without limitation in label length, and produces printed or blank labels easily, economically, and quickly.

UV Varnishing

The interesting new feature is that Taurus can be combined with an in-line UV flexo varnisher, allowing labels to be laminated not only with the classic cold foil, to provide greater finish and durability without other off-line steps with the necessary waiting time and associated equipment costs.

Taurus has been equipped with a fume extractor to keep the working chamber clean of fumes generated during the cutting process and a water chiller, which is of paramount importance to keep the temperature of the laser source controlled and ensure constant cutting quality.

The precision paper guide ensures the straight and aligned passage of material through the unit during the entire machining process.

These videos show the operation of Taurus: VIDEO 

and the UV flexo coating module in collaboration with UVRAY: VIDEO