Japan chooses UV made in Italy

05 February 2021

[Original article from MetaPrintArttranslated into English]

Miyakoshi has a long-standing collaboration with UV Ray globally and chooses to mount the Italian company's lamps for its narrow-web semi-rotary presses for printing with UV inks and varnishes destined for our country where it is represented by Nebigraf.

The Graficalevante label company was founded in 1987 by capitalizing on Giuliano Palmisano's experience in the printing industry, after specializing over the years mainly on labels. A true passion born back in 1969 and passed on to his children. Graficalevante mainly prints labels for wine bottles, given the enormous growth of the Italian wine sector also at the international level, as well as labels for oil, liquors and various products.

"We give fundamental importance to our passion," says Giuliano Palmisano, "trying to tailer the bottle according to the customer's expectations and advising them, because we know the label is the first input for the consumer's purchase."

Graficalevante recently installed a Miyakoshi narrow web press for printing with UV inks and varnishes.

We ask Stefano Perachiotti, sales manager of Nebigraf, a company that represents, installs and services Miyakoshi machines in Italy, what were the reasons for choosing this Japanese machine.

"The strong expertise acquired over the years allowed Giuliano Palmisano to make an in-depth study of the different options offered by the offset semi-rotary market. Being guided by the search for quality, reliability and technological advancement, the choice could only fall on Miyakoshi, a renowned Japanese manufacturer with more than 75 years of history behind it, known for the great construction quality of its machines."

For printing with UV inks and varnishes, you mounted UV Ray lamps, choosing an Italian supplier. Did you have previous experience with UV Ray? Was it your choice or the customer's?

"Miyakoshi has a long-standing global partnership with UV Ray. This is an additional source of pride for us, both for the quality of UV Ray's equipment and for the well-deserved enhancement of an Italian company that is so focused on combining tradition and innovation."

What models have you fitted and what are its features?

"We chose 160 W/cm Maxwell modules. Maxwell is the top performance, the ultimate expression of UV Ray technology and innovation. The forefather of the generation of true dichroic UV reflectors, it increases the quality and productivity of the printing press while ensuring maximum reliability and cost-effectiveness."

And is the customer today satisfied with the choice?

"Fully satisfied. As one is when one makes an informed and reasoned choice that proves successful. As one is whenever the reality of the facts exceeds any expectation."