Inert printing Technique

UV Ray presents an evolution of its own inert system that represents giant a leap head in terms of technological innovation, not only for its own systems but for all inert-technology systems.
The patented system ensures utmost and constant purity of the nitrogen in the chamber, ensuring a value of 100 ppm.
It is the only system able to offer independent management of the nitrogen quantity thanks to the new built-in sensor that monitors, processes and manages the generator.
These innovations are joined by additional and just as important improvements. Here are some of them.

  • Consumption: the figures unequivocally show the clear differences compared to the competition, with consumption reduced by up to 10 times. These difference are certified and can be demonstrated.
  • On either cooled or flat cylinder: easy to install and non invasive, totally versatile. It can be installed on the existing cylinders of the printing machine.
  • Retrofit: the clearest and best way to prove the efficiency of this system. Once it is installed, quickly and easily, the results are immediate. The retrofit is available for all machine types and brands.
  • Nitrogen generators replace storage systems: the extremely reduced consumption makes it possible to use nitrogen generators instead of the expensive and burdensome traditional storage systems, resulting in huge savings for the company on one of the most important budget items.
  • Built into the camera, the new UV sensor (see dedicated article) that allows continuous readings in real time. The sensor collects and processes data which is used for the certification, in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and foodstuff. But most importantly, also thanks to the data collected through continuous readings, the system does not require control by an operator, since it is able to automatically manage the nitrogen quantity.
  • Installed on original cylinders, hence with no operations required on the machine, thanks to its compact sie and simple structure; unlike the competition, which offers a complete solution consisting of a cylinder intended to replace the original one, thus altering proper operation. (see bobst labelexpo)
  • Odourless: indicator of design quality and efficiency, this aspect eliminates costs incurred to manage the air exchange and contributes to creating a healthy work environment.
  • Excellent polymerisation: in spite of the already high quality, it has raised the standard especially in extreme applications and in terms of repeatability; at present, it is the best system with extremely high performance for high-productivity systems available on the mark.
  • Huge savings, on consumption and on the production line: no system required for the storage and management of nitrogen, no system for air exchange, nitrogen consumption reduced up to 10 times compared to the competition, extremely low energy consumption, automatic system management, very easy and fast installation, no work needed on the machine structure, total reliability and unparalleled performance. Instant return on investment.